Activities  (In Collaboration With)


1) Sarvadnya Ayurved Hospital And Reasearch Center
2) K.K. Herbal Industries
3) Shri Krishna Juice Industries 
4) Sarvadnya Agricultural And Industrial Center
5) Baliraja Health Resort And Agro Tourism Center 
6) Sarvadnya Diet And Nutrition Counseling Center
7) Sarvadnya Yoga  And Panchkarma Center
8) Sarvadnya Diabetes Foundation

Sarvadnya social and educational trust is engage in all aspect of prevention and treatment of diseases with the help of principles of Ayurveda. Medicine free life is main intention behind all activities.  

Ayurveda, hygiene, lifestyle and diet are crucial to good health. To attain good health, Ayurveda prescribes the daily routine and the seasonal regime.


Ayurveda, is the art of living in harmony with nature. The term Ayurveda is taken from the Sanskrit word ‘Ayur’ , meaning life or lifespan. The word ‘Ayur’ literally means ‘life’ and ‘veda’, the ‘science’ or ‘knowledge’. There are four Vedas or treatises that form the basis of the Indian medical philosophy. These are the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda and the Atharva Veda. Ayurveda emerged as a branch of Atharva Veda (one of the four most ancient books of Indian knowledge, wisdom and culture). It dates back to over five thousand years and is one of the world’s oldest and most complete systems of natural healing.

Diabetes is a word not a sentence.

Type 2 diabetes can be prevented, arrested, and even reversed with a healthy enough diet and medicine and life style       as per Ayurveda...

                        Dr. Kadam K. R.





Ancient India's gift to this entire world. Wellness is the primary objective ayurveda practices. To know more about treatments and procedures @ Sarvadnya Ayurved Pratisthan please fill the form (last page).

Beat Diabetes!