Shrikrishna juice industry are into marketing and distribution of Limkri range of products – 100% Natural, Non-carbonated Fruit Juices and Products that have great health benefits. All these products are developed based on Ayurveda and include NO synthetic flavors, sugars or preservatives. Manufactured by Krishna Juice Industries, in Limgaon, the fruits are cultivated in their home-grown garden through organic farming (Vriksha Ayurveda). Hence, there is no usage of chemicals; only organic fertilizer, manure, organic slurry, compost and vermiculture techniques.


Working on a strong mission of “Improving the Health of the Nation”, Shrikrishna juice are a unique blend of taste and health squeezed into a bottle. Since the conception, cultivation and production processes are based on Ayurveda, experience the benefits of Ayurveda that has long-term positive impact on your health.


A stringent Quality Assurance and Quality Control system ensures that the product is consistently pure and absolute treat to your palate.

It has been observed that, currently, a majority of drinks that are consumed have elements that are harmful to human body. However, these have gained prominence in our lives under the name of “Lifestyle”, “Easily available” and “tastes good” drinks. Research into human behavior suggests that, up to 80% of the times, what we consume is governed by how it tastes rather than what effect it has on our health and nutrition. Further research suggests that if this trend continues, then by 2030, up to 70% of global population would be affected by Diabetes.  Shrikrishna juice is a unique blend of taste and nutrition, packed in a drink, all in a way that nature wants us to consume. Cultivated (organic famring – using organic fertilizer, manure, organic slurry, compost and vermiculture techniques) and manufactured ayurvedically at Krishna Juice Industries, Limgaon, these juices are all natural, non-aerated fruit juices that don’t contain any preservatives, flavors or any other synthetic products. This is achieved through usage of UF, UV, membrane filtration and sonication process. Working on the principle of “Prevention is better than cure”, these ready-to-drink fruit juices have anti-oxidant properties which build our immunity and protect us from several diseases – including diabetes, digestive problems, blood pressure, cardiac failure, renal failure, arthritis and a host of other lifestyle-related illnesses. Tasty, Fruity, Juicy, Shrikrishna juice is an alternate system for improving health , lifestyle and is completely natural.

Welcome aboard to your new journey, through Latamrut’s path of rejuvenation.



With the mission “to develop the health of the nation”, Shri Krishna Kadam took upon himself to make the ayurvedically cultivated and developed Limri range of products reach the nooks and corners of the world, through Latamrut Herbal International. Says Shri Krishna “Lata means a creeper and amrut means elixir. It was studied that there are a lot of products that people consume which have ill-effects on their health. People eat it, drink it only based on its taste and its marketing/packaging/branding. This had to change. They forgot that the heart of any product is its ingredients and not just its aesthetics.”

Latamrut is responsible for packaging, distributing and marketing the Ayurvedically cultivated and produced Limkri range of products in such a way that people identify the advantages of these product, is easily accessible and people enjoy the long term benefits of Limkri. “It is said that if we cultivate a habit, it will have effects that you would notice after 30 days, other would notice after 90 days and it would be a part of our lifestyle after 120 days. This is one positive habit which if you cultivate now, you would reap long term benefits in as short as a year. If people replace their daily consumption of colas, tea, etc. and replace it with Limkri on a regular basis, it would definitely transform their health for good.”